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What Is Web Personalization and why Is It Important to me or my business?

The term “web personalization,” refers to creating a dynamically personalized, highly relevant website experience for your prospects and customers based on their behavior, location, profile, and other attributes. Web personalization means understanding and meeting your buyers’ interests, tailoring your website to fit their profile, and ultimately providing the best message, content, or offer—one that is specifically relevant to them.

Web personalization delivers a personal and relevant experience to your visitors based on
who they are and what they do—whether that visitor is an anonymous visitor, a known contact, or a loyal customer. It focuses primarily on your company’s website because it serves as the activity hub and “home base” for all web channel activities and is the main interaction channel between your company and your customers, especially when it comes to driving conversion. In fact, according to a DemandGen report, 70% of buyers have indicated that a vendor’s website was the most influential channel in making a purchase decision.

This fact is compounded by today’s consumer expectation of instant gratification and a wherever/whenever dimension to every aspect of their online experience. Now, more than ever, they are better informed, more selective, and quicker to say no. Each day, they are bombarded with new marketing messages, so only the most targeted and relevant messages earn their attention. If your website doesn’t immediately address a buyer’s needs, they will bounce and seek products or information from somewhere else.

So how do you create a website that accelerates engagement, conversion, and retention for your prospects and customers, and creates a more relevant experience for your buyer? Just like you would not send the same email to your entire database, you do not want one, generic message on your website. To be effective and relevant for every individual or segment in your audience, you need multiple, personalized messages.

Web personalization is a critical component of your marketing—from creating a great customer experience to driving better conversions. We are here to provide a thorough overview of the web personalization landscape for marketers at all levels; so you can learn how to create a personalization framework for engaging your audience more effectively— specifically on your website.

We will teach you:

  1. What Web Personalization Is: define web personalization and how you can use it to create a dynamic, relevant web experience for your buyers.
  2. How Web Personalization Helps Marketers: Web personalization helps marketers move the needle by enabling them to deliver a continuous, personal experience to individual visitors at scale. Personalized experiences result in increased brand preference and loyalty, improved conversion rates, and ultimately an uplift in sales.
  3. How to Create a Web Personalization Strategy: This section will walk you through how web personalization fits with your overall marketing goals, your customers’ journey, how to define web personalization goals, examines use cases, and helps you identify early metrics to track. 
  4. How Web Personalization Fits with Your Cross-Channel Marketing: Marketing channels don’t operate in silos. This section examines how web personalization complements your existing campaigns across other marketing channels to create a seamless user experience.
  5. How to Select the Right Message: Content is the key to communicating with your audience, and it’s a critical component of web personalization. This section examines how to choose and create the right content for your web personalization activities and where to serve it on your site.
  6. Testing & Optimization: In order to improve your web personalization activities over time, you need to run tests and iterate. This section explores how to structure your testing and highlights areas for improvement over time.
  7. How to Measure Your Web Personalization Activities: Metrics provide the feedback you need to understand the success of your web personalization activities. This section examines the different metrics you can use to measure success from engagement to conversion.
  8. What People You Need to Run Web Personalization: Like any marketing channel, web personalization requires resources to run it. This section explores how to structure your resources to run web personalization effectively, regardless of your team size.
  9. About Web Personalization Tools: Technology makes running web personalization possible. This section highlights technology that supports and integrates with web personalization tools to make it more effective.

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