What we do

Strategic value innovation: achieving differentiation, efficiency and low cost from marketing to process optimization, creating a leap in value for both you and your market. We are dedicated to reaching your goals through leading-edge design and strategy.
We specialize in helping startups and small- to medium-sized organizations market and operate themselves in the information age. We’re unique because we know industrial engineering on the back-end and digital marketing strategy on the front. This allows us to truly grow your profitability and add value to your business. Together, we’ll increase your bottom line and show everyone in your market how you can increase theirs.

We put value innovation first in everything we do.

Value innovation places equal emphasis on value and innovation. Value without innovation tends to focus on value creation on an incremental scale, something that improves value but is not sufficient to make you stand out in the marketplace.

Innovation without value tends to be technology-driven, market pioneering, or futuristic, often shooting beyond what buyers are ready to accept and pay for. This is a new way of thinking about and executing strategy that results in you breaking away from the competition. stilesforcevalueinnovation
As value innovators, we don’t focus on competing; we distinguish the factors that deliver superior value from all the factors your industry competes on, from front to back.

The Four Actions Framework  is used to reconstruct buyer value elements in crafting a new value curve or strategic profile. To break the trade-off between differentiation and low cost in creating a new value curve, the framework poses four key questions, shown in the diagram, to challenge an industry’s strategic logic.stilesforcefouractionsframework

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